François-Paul Journe No. 6/87 made in 1987. Exceptional and unique 18 ct. gold, moon phase astronomical double dial watch with orrery, sidereal time, equation of time, power reserve indication, and annual calendar with the seasons, with special escapement, remontoire and one minute tourbillon regulator. With original gold key, short gold chain, in green leather fitted box, with original drawings.

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CHF 100,000 - 150,000


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CThree body, massive, polished with concealed hinges, glazed back and front.
DGilt brass on the front, with silver subsidiary chapter rings on the Ieft for the sidereal time calibrated for 24 hours with jumping hour hand, mean time on the right with inner moon phase aperture, the continuous seconds below, sectors above for the equation of time and up-and-down scale, outer Arabic minute ring on the border of the bezel. blued-steel Breguet hands. Skeletonised rear dia] with outer revolving silver ring for the annual calendar, subsidiary small chapter for the seasons indicated by the earth axis, inner ivory terrestrial globe revolving in 24 hours with the moon revolving around it in 29 1/2 days. Gold sphere representing the sun at the centre.


This watch is made of 406 pieces, which, apart from the mechanism itself also include: 7 hands. 20 jewels. 104 screws. 2 glasses. 1 crystal. 4 pieces for the case. 4 pieces for the key. 1 chain. 80 pins. 7 pieces for the dials.