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The Auction Process Information

The Auction Process

The watch auction process is not as daunting as you may think, especially if you have selected Antiquorum as your auctioneer. Antiquorum and its team of experts strive to help you, the client, both buy watches and sell watches at auction with ease and confidence. To walk you through the process, Antiquorum has outlined the important steps you should know in order to successfully purchase or consign timepieces at auction.

Bid Department Contact

Bid Department Contact

Any questions regarding bidding or registering for Antiquorum auctions should be directed to the following addresses based on the sale location.

Bid Increments

Bid Increments

Bidding usually opens below the low estimate figure of each lot and generally advances in increments of 10%, for example:

Values : Increments*:

  • From $ 500 to 1,000by $ 50
  • From $ 1,001 to 2,000by $ 100
  • From $ 2,001 to 5,000by $ 200
  • From $ 5,001 to 10,000by $ 500
  • From $ 10,001 to 20,000by $ 1,000
  • From $ 20,000 at the auctioneer's discretion

(*) The auctioneer may adjust the bidding increments at his/her discretion.


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Antiquorum Newsletter

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Buyer's Information

Preview the Items

The Catalog

The Auction Catalog (printed or online) lot descriptions provide technical data carefully compiled by our experts for each lot in the sale and are often enhanced by historical or biographical comments.

  • Estimates are listed at the end of each lot description and are an indication of the price range the lot is expected to fetch. Estimates do not include the buyer’s premium or sales tax.
  • An estimate indicated by three stars * * *, advises clients to contact Antiquorum for more information.
  • Condition Reports are given for each lot in the catalog based on a grading system developed by Antiquorum’s experts.
  • Lots sold WITHOUT RESERVE are stated as such below the lot description and the descriptions are highlighted in red.
  • Buyers are advised to read the Conditions of Sale (which is also found at end of the auction catalog) and Important Notices (found at the beginning of the auction catalog) before bidding at auction.

Auction Previews

Previews are conducted by Antiquorum prior to each auction and details of these exhibitions are found at the beginning of every catalog or online. Previews are free and open to the public. Prospective buyers are encouraged to view and examine lots offered for sale prior to making their purchases. Our experts are available for consultations and are happy to answer your horological questions during our previews.

Register to Bid


Before you can bid on an item, you must register for the sale. Each sale is independent and requires a new registration, even if you have previously registered with Antiquorum. If you plan to attend the sale and bid in person, bid over the phone or submit an absentee bid, you should register with our Bid Department. If you plan to bid remotely with Antiquorum’s online bidding system, you will register for the sale online.

First-time bidders may be asked to provide credit information (including bank name, bank contact, account number and phone number). Lots offered for sale are auctioned in numerical order as they appear in the catalog. The lot being auctioned is announced by the auctioneer, and illustrated on a screen at the front of the saleroom. Bidders are advised to have the auction catalog at hand for reference during the sale.

Choose your bidding method. There are 4 ways to bid.

In Person

Registration takes place on the day of the auction when you will collect a numbered paddle before the auction begins. There is no pre-registration. Please remember to bring with you a government-issued picture ID such as a driver’s license or passport. We require your complete contact information. You will be asked for your address, telephone number, email, and signature in order to create your account. In addition, you may be asked to provide a bank reference. If you are bidding on behalf of a third party, you will need to provide a letter from that person authorizing you to bid on his/her behalf.

By Absentee Bid (Written/Commission/Order Bids)

If you are unable to attend the auction in person, we will be happy to execute absentee bids on your behalf. This service is free and confidential. Bid forms can be found in our catalog. Fill out the bid form COMPLETELY, indicate the lot(s) you wish to bid on and the maximum bid amount you are willing to make for each lot. We require a photocopy of your government-issued picture ID to be sent along with your bid form. All bid forms must be signed to be valid.

Completed bid forms should be faxed to the bid department at the location of the sale at least 24 hours prior to the auction.

In the event that two identical bids are received, the first bid received by Antiquorum will take precedence. It is very important for the bidder to list a daytime telephone number in case any part of the bid form is unclear. Please note that all pre-sale bid cancellations must be received in writing.

By Telephone

If you would like to bid by phone, one of our Antiquorum representatives will call you from the saleroom and bid on your behalf. To register as a phone bidder, fill out a bid form COMPLETELY and indicate the lot(s) you wish to be called for. Bid forms can be found in our catalog and home page.

Languages available for telephone bidding at Antiquorum are English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Japanese. Absentee and telephone bids are offered as an additional service for no extra charge, and at the buyer’s risk. Antiquorum cannot accept liability for failure to place such bids. Antiquorum cannot be held responsible for errors, omissions or late arriving bids. Please note that all pre-sale bid cancellations must be received in writing.

**In order for us to adequately process your telephone bid, it is necessary to make arrangements for this service 24 hours before the sale.

By Internet

Antiquorum’s real-time online bidding system allows you to bid via the internet so you may participate from the comfort of your home or from anywhere in the world. To bid online, simply click here and fill out the indicated fields. Approved bidders will receive an email with a unique and secure paddle and pin number. During the auction, log on to Bidding, enter your secure paddle and pin number, and bid live!

Once the auction catalog is available online, with the use of a paddle and PIN, prospective buyers can place absentee bids online. Absentee bids are accepted online up until three hours prior to the start of the live interactive auction.

For collectors who simply want to follow the live auction in progress, no advance registration is needed to view a live Internet broadcast made available on auction day. Online registration closes 24 hours before the sale.

Payment & Currency Conversion

The catalog

Auctions are conducted in U.S. Dollars in New York, in Swiss Francs in Geneva and in HK Dollars in Hong Kong. A currency conversion board is made available in each saleroom and online, indicating the exchange rates for various major currencies.

Payment for purchased lots at any Antiquorum auction is due within 7 days of the date of the sale.

  • New York Sales: 25% Up to $100,000 of the hammer price, 20% from $100,001 - $1,500,000, and 12% from $1,500,001 and beyond.
  • Geneva Sales: 25% Up to SFr 100,000 of the hammer price, 20% from SFr 100,001 - 1,500,000, and 12% from SFr 1,500,001 and beyond.
  • Hong Kong Sales: 25% up to HK$800,000, 20% 800,001 - HK$12,000,000, and 12% HK$12,000,001 and beyond.
  • Buyers are required to pay all appropriate taxes, unless otherwise exempt.
  • Condition Reports are given for each lot in the catalog based on a grading system developed by Antiquorum’s experts.
  • For more information regarding payment policies, contact Antiquorum directly.
  • Accepted forms of payment are: bank check, personal check, wire transfer or cash.
  • If payment is made via wire transfer, please be certain to add the wire transfer fee (if applicable) imposed by your financial institution to the invoice total.